Exporters of readymade garments and stocklots
  • 1Trousers
  • 2Kids
  • 3Caps
  • 4Socks
  • 5Shirts
  • 6Denims
  • 7Sweaters
  • 8Knit T Shirts
  • 9Ladies Shirts
  • 10Sportswear
  • 11Undergarments
  • 12Sweaters

Buyer Considerations

The huge investment in importing apparels entail certain important factors and risks that effect opportunity, profitability and market segment. Seasonal trends and competition are other factors that make decision making very complex. We at CCI, being keen to be ahead of our competitors, have recognised these factors from very early on and are therefore happy to provide a little of the key considerations we give, below. But having said this, we would not like to suggest that these are the only factors of concern or that some of those we have omitted may be less important. Needs can vary from one buyer to another as it does from person to person. You will be happy to note that we are aware of other factors and more importantly, as we are keen to learn and to grow, we would be happy to hear of any suggestions.


The search for any commodity necessitates comparisons and verifications. The aim of all businessmen is to make a profit and nothing is more important than to obtain a quality product at the lowest possible price. We at CCI are well aware of this fact and of our competitors. However, though we strive to offer the most competitive prices, we are the first to admit that the lowest possible price can often be bettered by someone else, thus making life more difficult for those of us who want to sell. But our recognition of this fact has strengthened us even more. We have become more innovative and we can now model and construct a product designed to the pockets of buyers, so ultimately we are able to better others, too.

The Risks

You are at a distance and we are over here. Every time your production stops because someone else's order is being processed, you are at risk. You are also at risk every time there is an error. You can't afford to miss a deadline or a season and to make matters worse, your customers have ordered goods from you and are anxious to get what they want or need. Fortunately, there is no need to worry. We supervise the production, so we identify and stop errors as and when they occur and we prevent other orders blocking your production line.

A formula for Success

CCI have developed a formula for success. We attribute this success to our keen insight of, and adaptation to our buyers needs. Although we are a sister concern of a manufacturing unit, we are not a manufacturer ourselves. Our independence was seen to be essential in order to adapt to the needs of our buyers. Manufacturers may be able to reduce costs, but they cannot represent buyers. They can only represent themselves and if things go wrong, as they sometimes do, they will try to protect themselves at the cost of the buyer. CCI is a buying house. Thus, the interest of CCI is the interest of our buyers and if things go wrong we can quickly warn and protect. We will not hesitate to reject any product at any stage of production if we do not believe it meets the standards our buyers demand. Because of our nature, we have nothing to gain by protecting the manufacturer.

Business at a Distance

We work for you. You can remain in your offices thousands of miles away and be fully reassured because we will do exactly what you will do. There is no need for flight costs and expensive hotel accommodation, because we will do exactly what you will want us to do even when you are tending to your customers thousands of miles away.