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Accessories manufacturers flourish alongside readymade garment manufacturers

The construction of a garment is not entirely based on fabrics, cutting and sewing but includes a great deal of accessories too. An estimated 18% of the entire cost of a garment is spent on accessories and as such accessory manufacturers have grown alongside readymade garment manufacturers worldwide.

In Bangladesh, the readymade garment is no different – they are dependent on accessories. The accessories of a garment are just as important as the fabric and were initially imported from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and India.

However, today the country is almost self sufficient in accessories as several industries have flourished to service the RMG sector. Products such as zippers, buttons, labels, hooks, hangers, elastic bands, thread, backboards, butterfly pins, clips, collar stays, collarbones and cartons are now produced in Bangladesh.

Although many major garment industries still prefer imported products over locally made products because they believe them to be of better quality, high quality products are also available locally. Many local manufacturers of accessories are moving towards automated plants from semi automated plants to meet the demands of international buyers whilst the low end of market depends entirely on the lower costs of local goods.

Regardless of the perception of some, it is notable that the accessories business has boomed over the years. Not only has the local accessory manufacturers helped to sustain demand and dependency on imports, but many are exporting, too. KDS Accessories of Chittagong, for example, is targeting for exports of $36 million dollars for 2011 as opposed to $24 million dollars last year. Indeed the contribution to the exports is expected to be around $2 billion.

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