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Useful Links for the Garment Industry

Garment Links is a new directory, as an extension of an old and established site specifically for the garment industry.

We have decided to feature as many garment related businesses as we could find including different types of garment manufacturers, textile and spinning mills, printing and dyeing houses, accessories manufacturers and traders, chemical manufacturers and traders and other raw material suppliers amongst several other categories in the hope of bringing them together.

For now, we are concentrating only on businesses in Bangladesh, but if all goes well, we may decide to extend it. Certainly it will remain very specific to the garment industry and unlike many other directories.

It is possible to add your own links, subject to approval, which will enable you to increase the ranking of your site in the search engines.

For webmasters, it is important to note that the more related sites linking to yours, the higher your sites ranking climbs in the search engine results. So being very specific to the garment industry makes a lot of sense. The directory itself will hopefully be useful for information purposes, too.

However, garment links is not intended just as a link directory. You can add listings without web addresses and we hope to extend this listing to include technical specialists as well. It is possible to add your address and telephone numbers, too.

Presently we do not plan to make any charges for a link, but offering us a link back may be a very good way to thank us.

Although we are a sourcing house ourselves, we hope to add our competitors, which we hope will enable prospective buyers to compare and decide who will offer the best service and quotations. We sincerely believe that by allowing competition that we will become better, as it will our competitors, and as such our buyers will be more benefited.

Our aim has always been to promote the garment business in Bangladesh and we believe that this new extension to our website will help us come closer to our aims.

PLEASE NOTE: Our search engine searches for the title and description of your site. Although users can browse through specific categories, if you want to be found easily, it is a good idea to include the keyword phrases with which you wish to be found in your title and description as well as in the keywords section.

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