Everyday garments, undergarments, sportswear, uniforms etc for men, women & children
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Buying made simple

All you need to do is to tell what type of garments you need and to offer us all the specifications so that we can revert back with a our best offer. We are interested in the entire contsruction from start to finish and where fabrics need to be purchased and not produced, we actively determine the market prices, so you can be assured of a good deal. Don't forget that the target price, drawings and samples are also useful to us.

Everything to Gain and Nothing to Lose

Our offers are non binding. So you are at liberty to accept or reject an offer or even compare with others. We sincerely beleive no one is more comitted to offering a better service and therefore are not swayed by competitors. However, what this means to you is that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Total Commitment

We are committed to offering you an umatched service. We will talk to you not only to discuss your needs but to reassure you of your worries. We are committed to offering you a great price and make the extra efforts in determining market prices, breaking down a quotation and offering suggestions. We are committed to a long term relationship and to increase your profits so that we in turn may be benefitted.

Making Comparions

We are the first to admit that even the best price can be bettered. Although we will endeavour to you offer you what we believe is the best price, we cannot assure that it will not be beaten elsewhere. However, we ask you to note that our service and undying commitment comes hand in hand with our price. So when making comparisons, we ask you to compare our service and commitment, as well.

Try us Today

Test us today. Give us specific information and we will get back to you promptly. It costs you nothing, but the end result could be a long term partnership whereby we both shall gain.